We source from some of the best farms in Massachusetts, including Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon, MA, Red Fire Farm in Montague, MA, and The Urban Farming Institute in Mattapan, MA.  Although these guys alone have provided us with enough beautiful produce to put us at capacity, we have a number of other great farms who are eager to work with us.

We visit these farmers every week to pick up what they would otherwise chuck or compost.  We'd love to customize our bags each week to fit all of your preferences, but suppliers and grocery stores often reject a mixed bag. So, we deliver a surprise every week.

For ideas on what to do with some of the produce we give you, visit our page about what's in season, where we've compiled ideas about what to do with the most common ingredients coming in right now.

We also try to make sure that every step of our process is as friendly to the earth and other humans as possible.

  • We use reusable, insulated bags to deliver our produce.  At each delivery, we reclaim the bag from the previous week. This way, our process is zero waste.
  • We use smaller transportation vehicles to gather our produce so that our emissions are minimal.
  • We make sure that if a food bank relies on a farm's donated seconds, we let them do their pickup before we do ours.
  • We donate all unsold produce at the end of the week to nonprofits throughout Boston.

Have more ideas on how we could be super efficient? Drop us a line—we love suggestions!