Looking for a summer job? Why not join BRÜZD in our fight against food waste?
BRÜZD Foods is a social enterprise dedicated to embracing and celebrating the imperfections of bruised, cosmetically imperfect, and excess produce through a food waste solution system. We take imperfect and less-than loved excess produce from farms in the surrounding area and provide individuals and families with a subscription filled with fresh, locally-grown produce that consumers can eat, love, and share while reducing the impact of food waste in their community.

We would love if you joined us! How can you help? Become a Delivery Hero!

Q: What’s a delivery hero?
Funny you ask, a delivery hero is someone who is passionate about food waste and is able to help us get our perfectly imperfect produce to their loving homes.

We are looking for individuals to join our team of Delivery Heroes. Applicants must be available for produce delivery on Sundays for around 1-4 hours. This includes processing of BRÜZD bags, load up and delivery.

As a Hero, you'll earn $2/delivery. Drivers can earn up to $30/hour thanks to our route optimization software.

What you’ll need to be a hero:
1. To fully own your own vehicle, preferably an SUV or van. (The more bags you can fit, the better and the more you get paid!)
2. A smartphone to track orders
3. Availability on Sundays for 1-4 hours

Why work for BRÜZD?
We’re a passionate, food-loving team of college students on a mission to end food waste. We hold each other accountable, we take pride in problem-solving and we learn from our mistakes.

Being a Delivery Hero is fun and rewarding opportunity to engage with your community while earning extra income! Additionally, you will be part of the movement to prevent healthy and delicious produce from going to waste while also supporting your local economy.

If interested, please email your availability and car model to