How many people does a bag feed?

We give you enough fruits and veggies to feed two omnivores or one hungry vegan/vegetarian over the course of the week.

Do you import your produce?

We take pride in sourcing directly from local farms within MA. We do not work with any importers and try not to feed into the industrial food system that creates waste. However, there are situations where our farmers source from other regions to regulate inventory for their farm stands in the winter months. In these situations, they offer us the opportunity to uptake surplus inventory and fulfill our mission of reducing food waste and returning revenue to our vendors.

I’m out of town for a week. Can I skip my delivery?

Yes! Unlike many CSAs, you can skip deliveries at no cost. You only pay for what we deliver!

Is there a delivery fee?

No, our produce is cheaper than it is in the supermarket and we don’t charge for deliveries.

When do you deliver?

We deliver on Sunday afternoons. While that’s currently our only delivery time, stay tuned for more options!

I received my delivery in a bag. Can I keep the bag?

You’re more than welcome to use our bags how you wish during the week, but we ask that you place it outside on Sundays so that when we deliver your next bag, we can pick up the one from the week before to reuse it. We work hard to make our process zero-waste and we ask that you help us in achieving this.


More questions? Send us an inquiry through our form to info@bruzdfoods.com