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Food waste? We're not AMÜZD

Every year, 60 million tons of produce end up in US landfills. A lot of it is tossed because it's "cosmetically imperfect," meaning supermarkets and suppliers think it's too small, too big, too oddly shaped, or too blemished to pay for.  When this perfectly edible produce goes to the dump, it hurts the pockets of farmers and consumers while also letting off potent greenhouse gases.

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Our Solution

We pick up these "ugly" fruits and veggies from farms throughout Massachusetts and deliver them to homes throughout Boston every Sunday for an awesome price. This way, farmers make some income on the produce they nurtured all season, you get affordable and fresh produce delivered, and mother earth gets a well-deserved break. So sign up for our weekly deliveries to help us find a loving home for less-than-loved produce!

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